Replug Review – Ultimate Link Shortening and Optimizing Tool

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Replug Review - Ultimate Link Shortening and Optimizing Tool

Audience traffic is the crucial element for any website, blog, or online store success. Every advertiser yearns to get maximum traffic to his store, blog, or website. In today’s digital world, we leave no stone unturned to share our service links and hope to get leads and sales post sharing. In the melee, we somehow miss to track and optimize those links to get more conversions. It is quite evident now that barely building a site and sharing them isn’t just enough to boost conversions amplifying sales thereby generating revenue. 

So, now you might sense what it takes to track and optimize your links that can lead and grow your subscriber list. Replug is a robust platform that helps in tracking, shortening, and optimizing your website links in the right manner with captivating call-to-action, branded links and retargeting pixels, and dominant analytics.

What is Replug?

Replug is one of the superlative URL shorteners that helps you to shorten any link, share them on any media and simultaneously gather leads and drive traffic to your website.

The best part of Replug is that you can promote your brand on various websites and get traffic, generating leads to your website. You can share your URL on social media platforms where your audience can visit the link. If you are a smart marketer then you can use some tricks to exhibit your brand and create revenue by sharing your or other’s content.


What does Replug do?

The working functions of Replug are very easy and simple and that is how anyone can get started with it. Let us see how you can make the most of it.

⇒ Create branded shortened Links with your custom domain

⇒ Retarget anyone who clicks on your links

⇒ Add call to actions to every link you share

⇒ Create beautiful bio landing pages

⇒ Measure performance of any link with detailed analytics

⇒ Replug chrome extension

How does it work?

Let’s see how Replug link shortening and optimizing tool works,

Firstly, sign up to Replug with your username and password. Verify your email address using the link sent to your registered email address. You will then land on your dashboard.


The next step is to create a Brand. It is your identification to stay organized and promote your business.

Find A Link to Share

The first step starts with finding a link you want to share. Get the link in the form of a blog post or any service you wish to share with your audience. There is no need to be connected to that website as the tool is extremely flexible to be shared.

Optimize Link with Replug

Select the call-to-action button that can link, button or opt-in form, or even a retargeting pixel. The message can be then customized and change the appearance of a call to action.

Share Link with Audience

Now, the link will be ready to be shared. You just need to insert your new shortened link on the correct social media platforms, emails, newsletters, or any other media of your choice. Visitors who visit your link will see the call to action on the page read.

Enlarge your Engagement

In this last step, the link should be shared as much as possible to drive more traffic, followers, and leads. The link progress can be tracked using the analytical tool of Replug.


Ultimate Features

Replug can be comfortably set up and easy to use. Apart from its ability to shorten, track and optimize links, it does comprise of some ultimate features it can boast of. Let us look at the interesting features of Replug.

URL Shortener

Replug is an excellent link management tool to brand, analyze, and create custom short URLs.You can get powerful and recognizable short links from complex and unattractive ones. Your brand authority can be built by sharing clean short links on social media and emails.

Social Media Bio Links

Fantastic bio-links can be created to market your brand in a single click. There can be 5 social profiles, 10 links, and an RSS feed URL that will fetch the first five articles. The conversion rates can be enhanced by sharing this branded link on social media.

Link Analytics

Analyze your brand’s digital strategy by analyzing 10+ data points. Track engagement metrics, click performance, conversion, visitors by country, and many such details. 

Custom Domain

A domain name can be created to instill brand authority and recognition. A domain name can be made to pop at the right place by adding in every link that is shared. Brand reputation can be built with the help of branded links.

There are many more elements in the Replug cabin that are built carefully. They are,


Replug Integrations

An additional advantage of Replug is its integration with multiple marketing platforms. The platform offers one-click integration with any third-party marketing platforms. Below are the platforms that Replug integrates with,

replug-integration replug-integration replug-integration replug-integration

Replug Pricing

The pricing plans of Replug are quite simple and flexible. It also offers a 14-day free trial period without a credit card to get familiar with the tool. 


Replug has three paid plans,

Basic – $19/month – Best for startups and beginners 

This starting plan comes at $19 per month and is great to use if you possess a single brand or own a single website. 

It can track 5k clicks per month, run five campaigns, uses a single retargeting pixel, and creates unlimited replug short links. 

Professional – $49/month – Best for small businesses and bloggers

The plan is charged at $49 per month which can track 50k clicks and be used in five brands or domains.

There can be unlimited campaigns, shorten links, and retargeting pixels. In addition to this, you also get to add three extra team members and omit the Replug branding logo.

Agency – $79/month – Best for marketing agencies, marketers, and freelancers

The Agency plan is suitable for large-scale businesses and works on 10 domains and can track two lakh links. 

You get all the features in the Professional plan plus you can add 10 more members, API access and onboarding, dedicated customer support, and call support. 



∗ Replug provides very fast URL redirection.

∗ It is very easy to create, shorten branded catchy links. 

∗ The analysis is accurate and informative. 

∗ Very cost-effective and simple platform

∗ Very easy to share links on social media and marketing websites


∗ Link expiry is a very critical drawback

∗ The initial set is slight confusing

Winding Up

Hope this review gives the required details and goes as per your expectation. There are necessary steps featured in this review including its tools, features, integrations, pricing, and few more points to ponder.

To sum up, Replug is an excellent platform to advertise your brand and generate traffic on your website. You could also collect leads and assign them to your autoresponders. Through this, you can build your custom audience to retarget them on various social media networks. And analyze your shortened link campaign to discover which ones are working best.

So, with all the above information, you must be now ready to dig up good returns from your links!



SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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