SocialCaptain Review : Leading AI-Based Solution To Get Your Instagram Poppin

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Social Captain

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms. It has brought a completely new prodigy, especially for marketers who wish to gain an immense following and drive higher conversions for their businesses. Similarly, Facebook also plays a very vital role in social media. But it has become clogged in different challenges, therefore, brands are searching for other more trustworthy platforms. Although other platforms such as Snapchat, and Twitter also seem to gurgle like Facebook.

Therefore, with a single focus on the number of followers and user engagement on Instagram, it has led the way to develop many services, software, and automation tools. After trying almost every tool to hit the buzz, I’ve landed on one of the most popular Instagram growth tools – Social Captain. Get the complete solution to get your Instagram poppin with this complete SocialCaptain Review.

To gain complete knowledge about this tool, check out the entire review post, about the way, SocialCaptain functions, its main features, pros, cons, pricing, etc. It will probably help you in making the right decision to choose the tool for advertising on Social Media.

But, before we delve into the world of automation features offered by SocialCaptain, let us first take a brief look at its background!

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SocialCaptain: General


This automation tool ranks high as one of the top leading Instagram growth and management tool amongst all. Though there are tons of services that are competent enough to provide you with followers, but there are higher chances of getting fake followers, inorganic traffic from them.

It guarantees to help you grow real followers, and gain organic engagements on your account. This entire process is accomplished automagically through targeted marketing strategies and artificial intelligence, which is completely safe to use. Moreover, it also benefits you to increase your Instagram growth for both businesses as well as personal profiles.

SocialCaptain: How Does It Work?

SocialCaptain works similar to other available IG tools, but it also provides you a chance to set your own parameters within the admin dashboard like adjust the speed likes, posts, comments, target the desired hashtags, etc.

Therefore, simply sign up to this platform, make a profile by adding your basic information. SocialCaptain offers you 24 hours of free trial and allows the program to connect with your Instagram account and login to the user-intuitive dashboard. If you wish to know more about how it works, then check out this beginner-friendly video.

SocialCaptain: Pricing

As already stated, this tool comes with a 24 hours free trial, but the ticking clock starts as soon as you signup. So if you are planning to sign up now, and check the services later, then there will be higher chances that your trial period will expire. But apart from this, you are provided with three different pay plans.

Base plan for $15/week, which assures to provide real, organic, and targeted audience reach to your Instagram account. This plan includes some highlighted features like smart automation that helps in getting real-time results.

Secondly, the Growth plan for $39/month or $349/year. Selecting this plan, you are assured to provide real, organic, targeted, and guaranteed growth. It consists of Smart Automation, Real-Time Results, Actions, and Live Analytics.

Lastly, but the most important option is the Turbo plan. It charges around $99/month or $690/year and guarantees users with advanced growth. It affirms to provide 10x more engagement, AI–Optimization, dedicated support, and real followers.

Social Captain Start Your Trial!

SocialCaptain: Key Features

One of the most impressive aspects of using this platform is the innovative features that help its users to grow easily in a short while. Here’s a closer look at its features.

Automatic Growth

By using SocialCaptain, you could customize the settings according to your needs and let your growth measures run on autopilot mode. It also provides you with a personnel assistant who manages to perform all your laborious tasks.

This Instagram automation software mainly provides 4 main automation services, which include, Like, Comment, Follow, Unfollow, and auto-direct message services (currently available in BETA).

Real-Time Results

Using this tool helps in keeping the complete track of your increased engagements instantly via a dashboard. It especially helps marketers to stay at the top of their analytics.

AI-Optimization Module

Implementation of Artificial intelligence at SocialCaptain is based on algorithms for machine learning. The algorithms gather the information and inspect it to ensure that only the correct users and group of audience is targeted with the right information.

These algorithms operate with various advanced and innovative filters, which helps in ensuring good quality following. Thus, this process is considered to be very crucial in raising the conversion rates using your Insta-account.

Real-Time Tracking and Analytics

By no means, an automation system is provided without analytics features. The goal here is to ensure that the client gets the right input on whether if the service actually achieves the expected results or not.

The generation of analytics is also considered to be an important part of Instagram content planning. Thus, SocialCaptain’s tracking and reporting are done live, which helps you to check if things are working on the right path.

It means that you can easily track the up-to-minute growth of Instagram account at any time.

SocialCaptain: Pros and Cons


Quick and Easy Download

This IG tool appears to be very cool and easy to download on your desktop. And one of the best things about this platform is – it works best with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. In other words, it’s a platform-independent software.

User-Friendly Interface

The best thing about using this software is it makes all the Instagram management things super easy even for newbies. As it provides optimizable default buttons, bubbles on every feature, easy to use dashboard.

In reality, there’s nothing more annoying than buying a tool just to learn how to use it for hours. But with this software, all the things are done automatically, which is really a very good feature. You just need to login to your account, add niche, and allow it to work.

Gain complete Stats and Reports

Being a marketer, people look to achieve great results for their work, and Social Captain does that for you. Provides a complete graph on the dashboard, which shows how many new followers are added to your list. Apart from this, it also provides the live working of the things running in the backend.

Great Support

A large collection of tutorials is available in the help center. You just need to register to use and gain ample knowledge about how the app works, its special features, etc.



One of the biggest drawbacks is the price quoted. Some of the best features like Artificial Intelligence Module Optimization and Smart Growth features are only available in the top-end plan, which is quite expensive.

Final Thoughts

Social media has become an important part of everyone’s life. It helps companies’ grow a huge market presence, but it can be a herculean task to grow the followers manually. Thus, SocialCaptain makes it easy and enjoyable to increase your following. Even though the price quoted for the services is somewhat expensive, but they are worth the results. If you are planning to grow your Instagram fan base, then this tool is worth trying.

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