Semrush Review | Versatile All in One Digital Marketing Tool | 7 Day Free Trial

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SEMrush Review

Do you find yourself doing extensive research on keywords, trying to optimize your blogs, check competitor ranking, and many such SEO related operations? Then, you should not be looking back and just dive in to experience Semrush. There are several tools available today that can help you create good content and also to optimize and market it efficiently. There may be a handful of such tools but, not all available tools can be as competent and helpful as Semrush. A robust platform can only offer you a great search engine marketing, search engine ranking, Google ranking and a successive series of other features that will prove a catalyst to boost your business to a higher scale. 

Semrush is undoubtedly an incredible digital marketing tool and its versatility is what makes it an outstanding tool. Semrush has been vastly used by numerous marketers, agencies, etc. and they found it to be the best digital marketing tool. They have been able to achieve great content engagement and high organic traffic. And, another good thing is they offer a free plan to steer through the software to decide before upgrading. 

Getting Started with Semrush?

Semrush comes with a free trial option where you can signup with your email address and password. Once you sign up and confirm your email id, you will be directed to your dashboard. 


Here, you can find the available tool kits and you may utilize any of those as per your requirement. Semrush consists of vast features that would be practically difficult to cover them all. But, here you can find some details about the important features of the main tools and how we can utilize them for our maximum assistance.  

So, I am sure you would be interested to know more. Let us get started.

SEO Toolkit


This is the first set of tools and of the largest on the search engine optimization or SEO toolkit on the dashboard. It covers the major functionalities like Competitor Research, Keyword Research, Link Building, Rank Tracking, On-page and Tech SEO. 

Let’s comprehend what each toolkit includes,

Competitive Research

The most important element of any  organic search result is identifying who is dominating in  your niche. To identify your organic competitors, you can make use of the competitive research analysis. You can simply enter the domain name in the search bar and hit “Search”. With the competitors domain, you can get a complete overview of your domain, identify the traffic analysis of the organic research, the backlinks attached and a full analysis of your keywords with keywords of your competitors.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the famous tool of Semrush and most people use the tool for this functionality. It comprises the largest keyword database of around 20 billion keywords.You will find the complete details for any keyword, such as the SERP features, SERP results, volume, volume trend,etc. The Global Volume for the keyword search shows the keyword’s search volume across the countries in the world so that you can decide on which keyword to compete for. You also have the option to choose the right keyword and target them according to your business needs. 


The Keyword Magic tool is another important keyword research tool that is used to find keywords in your niche and which can be useful for your brand. You may do so by simply entering a keyword or a niche in the search field.

It will then come up with a huge list of matching keywords for that niche, topic or keyword. Another major element of Semrush is the keyword clustering that gives you a cluster of keywords on the sidebar at the left and you can dive deep in the related keywords of any chosen keyword.


You can use this feature of SEO tools to find long-tail keywords to build a search strategy for yourself and focus more to get optimized on search engines. You can also find the volume and the difficulty score for each keyword. Different keywords can be compared easily at a single glance as the keywords and the data to be analyzed are shown in a tabular format. 

Keyword Manager is a tool that can be used to create customized lists of keywords. You can build a customized keywords list by using the ‘+” button to add any new keyword. It is very simple and can be done by just creating a new list, add a name to your list and create. Your new list for keyword addition will be created. 


Yet another SEO tool is the Keyword Difficulty Tool that you can use while finally deciding on the selection of keywords. This is done because you are required to contrast and compare your keywords considering numerous metrics before finalizing. The dashboard helps you in focusing on the competitiveness of the difficulty of keywords and whether it will be worth investing in it. 

Another brilliant tool under the keyword research umbrella is the Organic Traffic Insights. This tool combines data with your Google Search console data and Google Analytics. This implies that you can merge your organic traffic insights and evaluate them from a single dashboard. You can also find a complete list of keywords that can be helpful to drive your organic search traffic. On the whole, Semrush is one of the best tools for keyword research that includes search engine optimization, advertising and content marketing.  If you are looking at something efficient then you can first use the Keyword Magic Tool to search and shortlist words and then use Keyword Difficulty Tool for any final decision making.

Link Building 

The Link Building functionality can be used to examine the available backlinks of your website or your competitor’s website. You can acquire data on your website’s total backlinks, type of referring domains, authority score and many more such analysis.You can include up to four competitor domains and have a comparison side by side of your backlink profile against your competitor’s. 


Next useful tool Semrush offers is the Backlink Audit tool that helps in identifying the drawbacks of your backlink and improving it. Semrush provides numerous toxic markers that help in not only identifying the toxicity of every backlink but also avoiding Google penalties for every toxic backlink. The backlink audit tool can be used to deny the lethal backlink and make improvements in your backlink profile. 

You can also build new backlinks using the Link Building Tool. This not only allows you to identify the most suited backlinks, but also helps you to achieve the most appropriate prospect for your backlinks. You may do so by going through the list of prospective backlinks. 

Backlink Gap tool can be used to compare several domains and search for a suitable backlink opportunity. This is done by comparing your website with your competitors and lets you gain backlink prospects. Bulk Analysis Tool can be used to examine multiple domains at one go. There can be 200 domains added to get their backlink overview in a single view. 

Rank Tracking 

This is another tool that is covered under the SEO toolkit. When to go to the Position Tracking tool, you can find your list of projects. You will be able to generate a detailed report once you click on any of the listed projects. You can find out top pages, SERP features, competitors, features for which your website can rank well. This is the best tool to get a versatile view of how your website performs. 


Semrush Sensor is a new element that tracks Google’s SERP Volatility depending on the desired time period rank changes. With this, you can update your SEO approach timely by staying informed on the algorithm changes. This can be of great help to find how volatile your niche is and also check your target keyword ranking’s volatility. 


Next is the Semrush Rank that uses a distinctive algorithm to assign a ranking to the domains that acquire the highest number of organic traffic. Semrush consists of a database of 824 domains that can be analyzed and the best way to do it is by comparing your domain with your competitors. It serves as the best competitor analysis tool as it can also be used to figure out the website  that has most paid keywords and is obtaining the highest paid traffic. 

traffic analysis tools Local SEO

There are roughly four important features under Local SEO. To start with, Listing Management is one brilliant tool for SEO that gets your business’s visibility, monitors reviews, and easily attracts new customers. You can use a single dashboard to edit all your business information of all your directories to ensure the listings contain proper information. 

With Position Tracking, you can easily measure your SEO efforts though accurate and effective daily rank tracking. You can get a detailed PDF report of the analyzed Google ranking done through a mobile and desktop data. 

With the Site Audit, you can test your website for more than 130 plus technical and SEO glitches. Get your task prioritized while you get solutions to the mistakes and automate the reports. 

On-Page SEO Checker helps you with practical recommendations to rank your site on the top. 

SEO tools

Advertising Toolkit


Semrush’s popularity is mainly because of its SEO functionalities and keyword research. If that is not all, it also comprises a great collection of advertising tools as well. These tools can be helpful for Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns as well as for paid searches. 

Lets learn more about the tools,

Market Analysis 

The Domain Overview is the basic functionality that helps in finding the required information about your competitor. You can pull out a complete overview of the website’s target audience, advertising performance,etc. You can perform a side by side analysis of up to five domains using this tool. 


Advertising Research helps in researching your competitors’ ad strategies and improving your own strategy. Once you enter their domain name, Semrush will provide all the relevant details like their history, paid pages, paid search rankings, and a lot of other information. The important section of the Ad Copy that lets you view your competitors creatives and get insights for your own campaigns.


Display Advertising assists in analyzing your competitors ad texts, images and banners and gets inspiration on planning for your own campaigns. 

PLA Research is an e-commerce business feature to search product listing ads for specific keywords and find the competitors for the same. The tool gives a detailed unimaginable level of information.  

Keyword Research

This is an important element for your paid ad campaigns for which Keyword Magic Tool and Keyword Gap tools can be used. Use the Keyword Gap tool to perform the complete analysis of your keyword with the keywords of your competitors. The Keyword Magic Tool is an easy to use keyword research tool that helps you with all the keywords you need to build your most profitable SEO or PPC campaign. 

Keyword Manager 

With this tool, you can have a collection of your favourite keywords across Semrush. You can save your researched keywords, get fresh metrics and export your findings to either CSV or XLSX file or any other Semrush tools.

PPC Keyword Tool

This tool helps you in cleaning the keyword list and creating a perfect keyword list for your campaigns. The three main tasks of PPC Keyword Tools are,

  1. Collect Keywords – You can either search or import new keywords.
  2. Manage and Optimize – Helps you in organizing and group keywords while its advanced filters filters out unnecessary keywords from the list.
  3. Remove Conflicting Keywords – It ensures that there are no repetitive keywords in the list. 

Ad History

This gives a detailed report on all the ads for a specific keyword. You can utilize the data generated to check the previous performance and analyze what works and what not. This can be helpful for you to search ads on a given keyword. 

Social Media Toolkit


Semrush isn’t restricted for only SEO and content functionalities.It also provides a complete set of Social Management Tools that assists you to manage all your social profiles from a single place. Let’s look at some of the important tools it offers. 

The Social Media Poster lets you upload your posts and allows you to schedule them at your required date and time. Instead of manually uploading your posts, you can set a recurring schedule and posts that need to be uploaded in bulk. This also finds the best time for your postings and suggests using UTM for more accurate tracking. You can edit the uploaded images and create posts as you surf the web. The uploaded posts can be imported to a simple CSV file. 

This tool is yet another analytics checker that provides an idea of your content performance. You can track the audience demographics over time and work on its growth by identifying current trends on which type of content works for your audience and which aren’t preferable. 

This robust tool offers a special element that can increase your reach and get more people to know more about you on Facebook and Instagram. It checks on your ads working and provides detailed stats for the profiles. 

The Create Ads is a Beta version that is newly launched that lets you create and manage ads on Facebook and Instagram. It offers a range of features like streamlined ad creation, auto naming, etc. 

Content Marketing Toolkit


For any kind of growth it is said that a great SEO, competitive insights and market are the key areas, but one can lag in success without an efficient content marketing strategy. Semrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit covers the complete process from Topic Research till Performance Analysis. 

The Topic Research Tool assists you in searching for the best trending topics for your content. It is very simple to use and it will generate numerous content ideas for any given keyword or a topic.It also provides a detailed list of sub-topics along with suggestions for the best topic for your content. The best part is an idea of “how”, “what”and “when” of the topic can people think about a topic. 

The SEO Content Template provides with a best designed SEO friendly content. It analyses your competitors’ content and assists with ideas to come up with a unique optimized content.

The SEO Writing Assistant is similar to an editor that checks for the grammatical errors and helps in following the SEO recommendations.It also integrates with online platforms like WordPress and Google Docs that optimizes your content as you create them. 

Post Tracking measures the performance of every posted content. Performance can be tracked and listed of about 5k posts including your competitors posts.

Content Audit provides the performance check of your website. It also gives you an information of what visitors feel about the content and ways and ideas for the posts to be re-written or updated. 

backlink tools

Competitive Research Toolkit


Your growth can be enhanced only when you polish your marketing strategies and understand your competitors strategies. Semrush helps you to understand your competitors keywords, websites, traffic sources, etc. It lets you compare your competitors data and your data side by side to obtain a holistic performance picture of both the players. 

Traffic Analysis is a feature in the CI-add on package that provides a detailed view of the company’s online performance along with website traffic analysis. It can check all the metrics of any domain and can analyse upto 200 domains at once and compare numerous websites’ traffic data side by side.

Market Explorer gives you an overview of market players and their trends. This is majorly used by businesses who plan to venture out into new markets as it can analyze the market trend and the level of competition and who are the prospective competitors. On the whole, you can create a custom list of competitors, explore industry or search competitors organically. 

You again have all the versatile features of SEO, Advertising, Content and PR and Social Media which assists you in tracking and analyzing the competitors and following metrics that outperforms the competitors growth. 

traffic analysis tools



Semrush  offers a free trial option to check out its efficiency for online businesses. The triple level pricing plans offer many bonuses as prices increase. If offers three types of monthly plans,


$119.95/ month. Basic plan for freelancers, startups and inhouse marketers with limited budget.


$229.95/ month. For growing marketing agencies and SMB’s.


$449.95/month/ For agencies, e-commerce projects and business with large web presence.


Can be contacted to create a customized flexible plan. 

site auditing tools


  • Robust and versatile platform offering a  huge collection of digital marketing tools.
  • Best platform for all types of agencies and businesses.
  • Potential keyword research tool
  • One stop solution for all SEO requirements.
  • Competitor analysis is made easy with the tool.
  • Core toolkits can be accompanied with many add-on products.
  • Offers a free trial option.


  • There are numerous features in Semrush that may be sometimes confusing
  • Tool usage requires some technical knowledge as the user interface is not very simple to use. 
  • Pricing is slightly on the higher side compared to other digital marketing tools.
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Wrap Up

As you see, all the above features and Semrush characteristics makes it a versatile and good to go rool for all who wish to improve their site Google ranking and overall SEO. It is an all in one marketing tool for increasing traffic massively and getting better search engine rankings. The efficient keyword research and competition analysis makes it one of the best SEO tools in the industry. This is not all, you have to personally adopt Semrush to experience its robust nature and see yourself how it improves your site SEO. 

traffic analysis tools

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