SE Ranking Review – Excellent All-in-One SEO Software for Agencies

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SE Ranking Review - Excellent All-in-One SEO Software for Agencies


Search Engine Optimization or SEO comprises an immense range of actions and multiple parameters. SEO in itself is a vast subject that consists of numerous subcategories in it. SEO is one of the largest and a vital element in a marketer’s work life. There are many aspects involved in SEO and there are various software, apps, services, and tools available that are meant to help marketers implement SEO strategies to their business most efficiently and. 

SE Ranking is a Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>cloud-based all-in-one SEO tool package to manage and effectively run SEO campaigns and perform various actions like comprehensive site audit, website ranking, competitor analysis, keyword research, and many other things. This tool is most suitable for small businesses who choose to perform SEO on their own to check the SEO parameters as well as for digital agencies and online marketers.  

In addition to the standard SEO tools, SE Ranking provides a few more extra services like the Lead generator and White Label which are useful for business owners and agencies. Let us check how this works and what all it offers.

Starting Up

The vital role of any SEO tool is to check your website performance, track keywords that can affect your site and finally make sure that your strategies work in sync with the latest trends and rank top in any search engine. Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>SE Ranking is a tool that intends to provide accurate and updated ranking that can be monitored and optimized at regular intervals. 

STEP 1 – To start with SE Ranking, you can try the features with the 14-day free trial. All you need to do is to initially start with signing up with your name and password. Once you sign up, you will be navigated to the dashboard where you can find all the SEO features, track and monitor your rank in real time. If you have your website ready then you can begin with tracking and analyzing your site.

Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>seranking-dashboard

STEP 2– To track keywords, you need to initially enter the website URL with the Project name and Search range  The entered websites will be added to the database.

Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>seranking

STEP 3 – Next, add keywords manually in groups that need to be tracked for your website. There is also a provision for Keyword Suggestions, add keywords and find search volume. You can also Suggest Keywords for your website. 

Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>seranking

STEP 4 – Next, you can add the required Search Engine and the relevant Country, Locations and Google Interface language. Along with this, you can also include the Google Map results and Track Google Ad rankings.

Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>seranking

You can choose between Yahoo, Yandex, Google Mobile, Bing and Youtube.

STEP 5 – Once you are done with keyword search and adding search engines, you can next search for your website competitors, track their ranking position changes. This way, you can understand the results of their promotional activities and compare with your website.

Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>seranking

STEP 6 – Finally, you can track the website statistics and analytics service. This way, you can connect popular statistics and analytics services to your account. 

Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>seranking

 Key Features of SE Ranking

As already learned in the overview, SE Ranking contains all necessary tools for running a successful SEO campaign with few other required elements. Let us now see the important features that make these tools more robust.

Keyword Rank Tracking

SE Ranking boasts of maintaining a cent percent accuracy that can track keywords in major search engines like Bing, YouTube, Google, Yandex, and Yahoo. Keywords can be tracked by locations and monitor traffic for both mobile and desktop versions on Google.

It is also capable of tracking SERP ranks along with Google Ads positions, Maps and also tracks your competitors’ progress. A maximum of five competitors can be added side by side with your data to obtain visibility data based on your keyword score.

On-page SEO Checker

This provides a detailed report on the level of optimization for any search query. Every time a report is generated, there is a checklist available with which you can work on the optimization work of your SEO. The main parameters analyzed are Header tags, Link Analysis, Domain Characteristics, Usability, Title and Meta Description, and various others.

Website Audit

Here, the audit aspect crawls every page of any website you want to audit and calculates the site with some parameters like Link analysis, Image Optimization, Website Health and Domain Overview, Usability, Meta tags and headings, and Parameters per Page.

Your site is constantly under review by enabling automated reports and scheduled rechecks. This is to ensure that your website is performing well and also protect your site with limited restrictions on analysis, controlling crawling speed, limit request numbers and pages to scan.

Backlink Checker

The backlink check again gives a full list of domains you want to search. Each backlink is checked for, Server Location, Social Popularity, API, Backlink URL, Alexa Rank, External Links, etc.

Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Backlink checker works for competitor analysis that discovers what competitors are doing and disavows any link that may be harmful to your SEO. They are quite accurate and allow you to find new backlinks without any delay. 

Backlink Monitor

This feature will let you import a list of your backlinks manually or automatically so that you may filter out whichever is unnecessary and come up with the exact backlink list. Even here, you may disavow bad links that may be harmful to your SEO with few clicks.

Page Change Monitor

This monitoring tool comes in handy when you want to get alerts when there are changes made to the website. It mainly monitors, Links, Content, on-page audit, comfort, scheduled checking and reporting, and grouping and select monitoring.

This information gives you complete transparency in the changes that may harm your SEO and lets you drop relevance and score which can happen because of illicit changes in the page.

Benefits of SE Ranking 

SE Ranking can be helpful in various aspects and can be applied to multi-scale projects. Using this tool, you can easily analyze your website for various parameters. No doubt, the benefits aren’t limited to only these many, there are many advantages of using SE Ranking.

Organized Social Media Management – SE Ranking provides some unique tools that are special for some SEO platforms. It helps you to take control of your social communication and publishing tools and monitoring options. With this, you can boost the social media ranking rate of engagement with ease. 

Advanced Marketing Operations – The platform consists of some B2B features that allow users to alter their platforms. With this, you can also improve the complete marketing operations. The White Label lets users personalize SEO offerings. The API ability offers an extension of functionalities of the platform as per business needs.

Enhanced Competitive Edge – SE Ranking lets users monitor, disavow backlinks, filter, find the long tail and short tail keywords, optimize their content quality and track rankings accurately. There is also an SEO/PPC research tool that allows you to discover competitor’s keywords, paid and organic search.  

Improved Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a vital part when you want an online presence. For this, SE Ranking offers robust SEO tools that can be arranged based on the usage of your operations. You even get to explore various functionalities like page change monitor, backlink tracking, keyword grouping, etc. Beginners in SEO can avail best SEO guidelines and best practice SEO checklists with the assistance of which they can venture into new SEO strategies.

SE Ranking Price Plans

SR Ranking three main plans, Optimum, Plus, and Enterprise.

Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>seranking-price Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>seranking-prices

Optimum Plan is a very basic plan starting at $31 per month. This is suitable for business personnel who handle their SEO and marketing in-house and includes 250 keywords, 10 websites, monitors 5000 backlinks, check backlinks for 20 domains, on-page checker for 150 pages, keyword grouper, marketing plan, custom SEO reporting, social media analytics and management and subaccounts. This plan does not include any B2B feature, monitor pages for changes or API, and white labeling features.  

Next is the Plus Plan, rated at $71 per month. The plan is great for professionals and agencies and it lets you monitor an unlimited number of websites, monitor 25000 backlinks, audits 15,000 pages, check backlinks for 100 domains per day, on-page checker for 450 pages, along with entire features of Optimum Plan. This plan also includes B2B and white labeling features but does not include API

Finally, the Enterprise Plan starts at $151 per month which includes an unlimited number of websites, a website audit for 25000 pages, monitors 75000 backlinks, checks backlinks for 300 domains per day, on page checker for 750 pages. It has all the features of the Optimum and Plus plan with an addition of API features.

If you wish to explore the ultimate features of SE Ranking then you can go ahead and try the 14-day free trial.

Merits of SE Ranking 

√ The tool is highly accurate and affordable

√ You get all the tools to manage marketing campaigns

√ Consists of many social media management tools

√ Available plans suit both beginners and experts

√ Professional reports can be easily generated

√ Marketing checklists help in reaching the top of your marketing campaigns

√ API and White Labelling features for professionals and agencies

√ Data representation is clear for reading with diagrams and graphs

Demerits of SE Ranking

√ Social Media Management tools are quite basic compared to some social media management platforms

√ Need to pay more for accessing additional tools and features

√ Audit reports are generated very slow

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Now, we already saw the features, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of SE Ranking and we are now much clearer about its performance. But, one thing is for sure that it offers good value for money and excellent for small scale businesses. But, is it recommendable?

Certainly, yes!

Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>SE Ranking offers great value for money as it includes all features of an SEO toolkit. In addition to all, it also provides attributes like white label reporting and social media management tools that make SE Ranking stand apart from many other platforms.

As SE Ranking is a unique tool, it can replace other platforms because of its all-in-one feature required for any project. The robust tools make it possible to work on a single platform using effective features and get efficient results at the same time. 

SE Ranking is one of the Home page” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>trusted SEO tools for digital marketing agencies. So, you need not search for any other platform and get the entire process done in a single package within your budget.

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